Previous project work in People Solutions have adopted a range of approaches.

This includes:

  • Classroom based workshops with live simulations designed to create new market opportunities
  • Corporate social responsibility events with action learning sets and
  • Futures workshops designed to develop strategic leadership thinking

Every learning solution is crafted to surface attitudes and behaviours and to create a forum for change particular to a client’s needs.

What they Say

Coaching Clients/Stakeholders
 ‘I was stuck in a role where I’d been comfortable for 10 years but, while craving a new challenge, I had no clear vision of my next move. Christine helped me to identify the area of focus using a variety of profiling techniques, insights and other tools. Through a combination of coaching and consulting, as well as constant challenge of some of my instinctive responses, Christine helped me develop my skills improving my confidence and self-belief.  Putting my newly-honed negotiating skills into practice, I secured my first management role in a new organisation.’
Client, Consultant

Christine’s empathetic and constructive working style helped me to challenge conventional thinking and develop ambitious yet sustainable life strategies. She has the knack of knowing when to develop an idea immediately and when to let it simmer … to develop comprehensive strategies for overcoming stubborn obstacles. I now understand the true meaning of being myself and how to act on it.  Christine turned my head around.’
Client, Mediator and Facilitator

‘Christine spent six months coaching one of my staff, with excellent results … She did this by a balance of supporting, holding a mirror up and continually referring it back to the business context.’ Line Manager, Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Leadership development Clients/Stakeholders
‘I have worked for Christine on Rexam’s leadership development programme. She is innovative and imaginative and always willing to consider different approaches – but always retains her focus on the learning experience and required outcomes.’
External Consultant    

‘Christine personally lead the design and development of the flagship leadership development programme for senior talent. What I value the most about Christine is her ability to ‘read a room’ and respond in a manner that is most appropriate to a situation. She is well known for her ability to develop both individuals and teams and is a fantastic coach and mentor.’
VP HR, Pharmaceuticals

Learning design and development Clients/Stakeholders
‘I partnered with Christine successfully on a number of HR Academy programmes for our global HR population. What I valued about Christine was her deep knowledge of learning, her ability to help translate my conceptual thinking into something grounded and her ability to think through the solutions from a number of perspectives.’
OD Director, FMCG  

‘Christine works in creative and inspirational ways to find solutions to learning and development needs. Her depth and ability to question conventional wisdom is admirable, as well as how constructively she deals with complexity and ambiguity.’
Talent Manager, Manufacturing

Team effectiveness Clients/Stakeholders
‘Christine helped me design and facilitate a two day workshop to achieve a higher profile for a newly merged team. I was very impressed with her ability to diagnose the situation and design a suitable intervention which surfaced concerns and dissent and steered people to agreeing a common way forward.’
Strategic Adviser, Financial Services

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