Leadership Development can take many forms. One of the most impactful is when leaders, faced with challenges such as falling profits, shrinking market share or eroding margins, try to understand how they interpret their surroundings.

It is the individual leader’s way of thinking and reacting, when challenged, that differentiates them. Those leaders who explore their own capability and way of operating can transform not only their own capabilities but those of their organisations. True learning and growth occur in this instance.


Case Studies


The Business Issue: Leaders in the talent pool showed adeptness at managing transactions but not at dealing with the long term or with ambiguity. This generated a demand for a global solution that would allow the leaders to practise and develop a different mindset

The Solution: Transformational Leadership and Scenario Thinking were introduced as tools during a two module programme to enable leaders to respond to the Chief Executive’s future global challenge. Members of the executive leadership participated in the closing session to dialogue with the participants about their long term recommendations for the business

The Impact: Excellent dialogue with the executive team identifying real concerns and opportunities for the company over the next several years. Members of the Talent pool were invited to participate in the executive team’s futures session and in other futures work being conducted by the company

Participants’ comments:

… ‘Great opportunity to present the project to the ELT. Excellent engagement from the CEO and senior executive team.’
… ‘The programme enabled me to learn how to manage ambiguity and to better prepare for possible futures.’



The Business Issue: Business leaders looking to clarify their vision and beliefs and to communicate with authenticity

The Solution: Business leaders worked with beneficiaries of a national charity enabling them to examine their own values and beliefs and to build a stronger sense of self and team from which to operate

The Impact: Immediate impact showed participants were clear on the actions and changes they were going to put in place to lead others with authority, presence and impact

Participant comments:
… ‘A managerial eye opener allowing me to try out skills and techniques in a controlled, safe environment.’
… ‘I am clear on what makes a stronger me and stronger us.’

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‘Leaders who make a transition from an old set of dominant values to a set that reflects their own beliefs make a substantial mark on the organization.’

 Terry Pearce 2003