Driven by business strategic objectives, Transform Potential works with the business sponsor or project leader to determine the core business issue at play, the desired shift and what is preventing the organisation from realising the shift.

In partnership with internal or external subject matter experts, Transform Potential turns the concepts and business realities into an impactful solution. Transform Potential brings a deep understanding of how individuals and teams learn and how to best create a solution that is fit for purpose, one that will be effective across cultural boundaries.

For those organisations who look to develop internal capability to deliver the desired change, whether for reasons of sustainability, accountability or cost effective delivery, Transform Potential prepares and conducts Train the Trainer workshops. The workshops further grow and embed the new capability within the business and actively increase accountability for the desired change.

Subject Matter Experts

Functional experts are specialists in a chosen domain. Knowing their subject is of paramount importance to a specialist, but it is only one piece of the learning puzzle when it comes to developing a learning solution. The other piece lies in how the expert knowledge is structured, shaped and targeted to bring about the desired impact on knowledge, skills and attitudes. Being clear about the business drivers and goal, the learning objectives and outcomes, knowing how the target audience thinks and learns best, understanding which methodologies will create the necessary impact, at what stage of the session to introduce a critical piece of information, how to shape the message and how to link back to the key business measures are all a part of Learning Design and Development.  

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Case Studies


The Business Issue: The company was losing ground to competitors in the burgeoning emerging markets of Central & Eastern Europe and Middle East Africa.  A focus group revealed that the Sales and Finance teams were not working together on customer opportunities and their processes did not synchronize resulting in lost market opportunities

The Solution: Developed and synchronized customer financing and sales processes across the business sectors.  Designed and managed a series of business workshops with live simulations for whole teams (finance, sales, operations, engineers and project managers) to adopt the new processes, to understand company financing solutions and to jointly win new business in CEEMEA

The Impact: Three month evaluation revealed that the new processes were being followed.  Finance experts were being invited to customer meetings with their sales counterparts.  There was worldwide take up of the solutions by both subscriber and infrastructure businesses

Participants’ comments:
… ‘More a sales team event than finance.  Excellent!’
… ‘I can now talk to sales staff in an educated way about financing.

Business Sponsor comment:
… ‘While the technical content has been important, it is the implicit focus on team that has been the catalyst in triggering the change in behaviours.’


The Business Issue: With its cost base exceeding income, the company needed to generate additional revenue

The Solution: Analysis indicated that staff reacted to direct requests from customers without seeing it as part of their role to upsell.  Gained buy in from senior management and created and implemented an upselling programme across all revenue generating functions in one business sector

The Impact: A three month evaluation showed an increased level of engagement in the workforce and substantial additional revenue generated in the business sector.  The campaign was subsequently embedded in the sector and spread to other sectors within the company

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