The work Transform Potential does relates to those:

  • Searching for team unity
  • Needing clarity of direction and to agree future ways of working
  • Seeking to focus the leadership
  • Looking to strengthen the team’s capability and increase their capacity
  • Searching to unblock and fine tune underlying systems and processes

First determining the team’s core challenge, the stakeholders and their perspectives, cross border dynamics, the indicators for team success, the potential enhancers and blockers, Transform Potential then works in partnership with the business sponsor and team leader to create and deploy a solution to support the change needed and the people involved.


Case Studies


The Business Issue: Two high profile, revenue generating teams were merged into one under a new leader with the remit of increasing cross border cooperation and raising their performance bar.  A high degree of tension existed about the merger and there was a reluctance to accept the new structure and any shifts in current operating dynamics

The Solution: Following individual meetings with team members, a two day team offsite intervention was designed and implemented to deal with the underlying tension and to coalesce the team around its new objectives and membership  

The Impact: The team members felt comfortable to raise and discuss their individual concerns.  By the end of the team offsite, there was agreement on how they as a team were going to operate going forward 

Business Sponsor comment:
… ‘I was very impressed with her (Christine’s) ability to diagnose the situation and design a suitable intervention.’


The Business Issue: With the back office of this multinational company being outsourced, a new function was created to become the interface between the external service and the front, revenue generating office.  The new global function was being set up for the first time, significant in size and made up of a number of different services and a new manager

The Solution: The first stage was to conduct group meetings with all key members of the team to assess their attitude, readiness, understanding and underlying challenges.  Based on this input, designed an offsite workshop to focus the team on acting as a unit and on mapping out and planning for the core challenges and opportunities ahead

The Impact: A highly motivated global team who identified four critical areas to focus on and how they would operate as a team

Business Sponsor comment:
… ‘Fantastic job as usual.  Thank you for your key contribution to our team leadership session.’

Forging team identity and leveraging team effectiveness while actively  engaging in product creation

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Case Studies (see below)

Merging Cross Cultural Teams
Building a new team




Other Areas of Expertise

‘What is needed is not well-balanced individuals but individuals who balance well with one another. In that way, human frailties can be underpinned and strengths used to full advantage.’

Meredith Belbin 1981